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In October of 2016, ARL Solutions was founded out of the ashes of a liquidated asbestos removal company - Asbestos Removals Limited, or ARL for short.  Under the three new and current owners, the equipment and employees from ARL were brought over to ARL Solutions.  After about 6 months, the company was restructured and the management structure was refined.


Since this time, ARL Solutions has carried out a wide variety of residential and commercial projects, growing from 8 employees to almost 30 full time employees today.  As it has progressed, ARL Solutions has focused on improving how it carries out projects:


  • Improving health and safety culture on sites as the #1 priority
  • Improving efficiency and time to complete projects
  • Improving the affordability and cost effectiveness for clients
  • Improving communication and project management for clients


Since October 2016, ARL Solutions has only grown as a company, making these improvements over time and learning from every project we have carried out.  Through this commitment to continual improvement, ARL Solutions and its employees boast a strong  health and safety culture and are continually recognized by clients and main contractors on a company and individual basis.


In an industry where the future work load only gets smaller and smaller, ARL Solutions manages to be a growing company through the effort and commitment of everyone involved, from removalist to owner.

Paul Twose

General Manager

021 164 9225


Since the beginning of ARL Solutions, Paul Twose has operated as the General Manager and Managing Director.  With considerable experience in asbestos removal and demolition prior to found ARL Solutions, Paul has since taken over managing a variety of projects from Dunedin to Tauranga.  Paul strives to run the company with an employee & client centred approach - ensuring that both his employees and clients get the safest and best possible outcome.  He often starts early and works late to make sure that everyone gets the best from ARL Solutions.


In his (little) spare time, Paul enjoys spending time with his family and also volunteers as an instructor for the New Zealand Land Search and Rescue.

Samuel Linnartz

Technical Manager

027 546 6278


Also with ARL Solutions since the start, Sam has driven the behind the scenes work of ARL Solutions.  With a university degree and over 5 years experience in the industry as a labourer and supervisor, Sam brings unqiue skills to the company.  As the Technical Manager, Sam drives project planning and all compliance work - working with external agencies and WorkSafe NZ to ensure that ARL Solutions remains compliant and also has a strong health & safety oriented work culture.  His practical experience coupled with his research and technical expertise make him well suited to working with clients to achieve realistic solutions to unique problems.


When he isn't at work, Sam play Ultimate Frisbee locally and is the president of the top local club, Credo Ultimate Club.  He has also represented New Zealand on the international stage, competing at the World Ultimate Championships in 2016 and 2018.

Pip Lewis

Office Administrator


Pip has been with ARL Solutions since April 2018 and has been a dedicated and supportive administrator since.  She brings a wide variety of experience to the company, handling accounts, employee training, and many other critical aspects of the company.  As a very competent, hard-working, and innovative person, Pip has continually improved ARL Solutions across the board since joining.  She also manages to keep Paul and Sam in check and does not mince words with the two.


When she isn't holding Sam & Paul accountable, Pip enjoy spending time with her family and horses, and she also volunteers as the Secretary for North Canterbury Basketball Association.

Steven Muff

Site Manager


Steven has also been with ARL Solutions since its founding.  With over five years experience in asbestos removal and about two years in demolition, Steven has developed into one of the best site managers and supervisors in the industry.  As a key member of the on site crews, Steven manages large complex commercial asbestos removal sites and provides a wealth of experience and practical knowledge to whichever site he manages.  His dilegent hard work and care towards health and safety on site make him one of the strongest site managers in ARL Solutions, and his wealth of qualifications and tickets allow him to carry out some of the most hazardous and difficult work.  Based out of Christchurch, Steve has worked all over New Zealand, managing jobs Tauranga, Wellington, Dunedin and many other places.


In his time away from work, Steven enjoys spending time with his family in the outdoors, camping and enjoying the beauty of New Zealand.

Taimoana Hepi

Site Manager


Shortly after ARL Solutions began operating, Tai joined ARL Solutions as a removal supervisor in Christchurch.  Since that time, Tai has taken over running larger and more complicated work sites, moving up to become a very competent Site Manager.  With his 7 years of experience in the asbestos removal industry, Tai has a plethora of practical knowledge on how to get every job done, and has the supervisory and management experience to effectively lead a team.  Over the past two years, Tai has been recognized by multiple clients and contractors for his extensive efforts with regard to health and safety.  As an integral part of the team, Tai has managed particularly risky sites in Wellington and other cities.


Outside of work, Tai loves spending time with his family, and is an avid outdoorsman, particularly with ocean adventure activities and sports.

Chris Barley

Dunedin Site Manager


Chris joined ARL Solutions in Wellington about 1.5 years ago, fresh to the industry.  Since then he has quickly developed into a critical member of ARL Solutions.  His previous experience as a plumber for over 6 years allows him to carry out a wide range of unique tasks related to asbestos.  In particular, he also has the leadership skills to manage large, complex commercial projects with ease.  He has since moved to Dunedin and helps manage the branch and workload there.


During his free time, Chris likes to stay fit, busy, and active by playing football with a Dunedin club, and riding his dirt bike.